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No matter what the disaster, you need to have food, water and essential supplies. In some cases, you’ll take your supplies with you. In others, you’ll use them while sheltering at home.


Chances are, you already have many essentials for a disaster kit. Gather them first; then go shopping for the rest. Once you have all your supplies, build your kit.

Pack your supplies in a portable container. If you have a large family, divide them into two or three containers.


You may want to pack some basic supplies in a backpack for a go-kit. If you must leave on foot, you can carry it with you.


Of course, no kit would be complete without first aid supplies. And last but not least, you need to have copies of your important documents.


Keep your supplies near your car, ready to load in a moment’s notice. And don’t forget to periodically replace items that may expire, such as food and batteries.



Medical Needs

Some people may need extra supplies to live independently. Plan now for your health away from home. Here are some items to consider:

Be sure to label your equipment with your name and contact information.